New Book by Lidia Ferrari - Tips&Secrets for Dancing Tango. Lead&Follow

This book clearly and closely examines six indispensable techniques for dancing tango: posture, embrace, connection between partners, leading and following, improvisation, and musicality—those key things that differentiate tango from other dances. There are useful tips for dancers of any level, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. The text deeply explores contemporary tango at the basic level: as a dance where two embraced bodies improvise with their feet to the beat of the music. Here all the complexity and intimacy of the dance will be demystified, with suggestions on how to learn and advice for the leader and follower. We also discover how the therapeutic benefits of tango can contribute to personal well-being, and read about the history of the dance.

A product of Lidia Ferrari's two decades of experience teaching tango, this book will show you how "to begin and continue with the best available resources to advance into the delicious terrain of the dance of tango, which will never let you down."

Every dancer will find elements in this book that will deepen their understanding of tango and the culture that created and continues to sustain it—keys that cannot be seen in videos and that many teachers do not know or do not confess.

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